5 Professional-Looking Google Web Font Combinations 2013

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We, as web designers, should focus at finding the best font combinations. Fortunately, Google is there to provide us a very large resource of fonts to use. They say 95% of web design is typography. I say WOW! So I start to do some research on this ‘typography’ and we’re astonished that this is not simple subject matter to learn overnight. Here are 5 of our favorite modern web fonts combinations you can use or enhance!

1. Montserrat and Maven Pro


We usually use this combination for young, vibrant-colored websites and landing pages. The way they blend is just simple yet appealing to eyes. This is a best sample of modern font combination.

2. Arapey and Droid Sans


This combination is best used for blogs, food websites, and might work with feminine type websites.

3. Raleway and Lora


Raleway and Lora’s combination represents a high-class, luxurious figure but maintains it’s modern feel.

4. Fjalla and Muli


Suitable for professional, small business, or even blue-collar service websites. Although it’s simple and common, there’s nothing to lose when sticking with what’s the trend.

5. Bevan and Open Sans


Slabs are powerful font type for delivering your headlines and catchy taglines. Bevan is one of them. Combining it to a common sans-serif, Open Sans, makes it useful in fresh, young, and colorful portfolio sites.

There’s a lot of possible combinations out there. There are no rules. However, we need to follow some guidelines to create a great combination of font. Just don’t forget to enjoy trying out new fonts!

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