5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013

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Every web font has its own personality. Finding the best font combination is sometimes tricky because we need to understand each font’s characteristics, how they blend to others, and would they look great and be effective on the website. I’m in pursuit to discover more effective combinations so below are 5 more Google web font combinations you might want to use :

1. Open Sans Condensed and Open Sans


I usually use this font combination for business or corporate websites like outsourcing or web design companies, etc.. The tall and thin (open sans condensed) headline conveys the sense of cleanliness and professionalism and using the typical Open sans as your body gives you the versatility for bold and italics.

2. Extrabold Open Sans and Ubuntu


Another open sans header? Yep! Contrary on the previous headline, we’ll gonna use a fat-slab like header which is the Extrabold Open Sans. This now conveys a more powerful and attention-seeking typeface which is best for H1, slideshow captions, and catchy headers. Ubuntu‘s roundness/curve style blends well with this header. Best use for young, modern, metro and minimalist websites.

3. Playfair Display and Droid Sans


Now we’re giving the oh-so-common-serif-sans combination a little twist. That Playfair Display, as the name goes, has this characteristic of being playful serif yet great in headlines. Droid sans goes well with this for it’s neutral-look and it’s versatility of use. I usually use this combination for food, restaurant, book websites that looks professional but conveys a little fun in it.

4. PT Serif and Source Sans Pro


Sticking with the classic combination will always a safe option. Tired of Georgia and Arial duo? You may want to use PT Serif and Source Sans combination which both of them are good to eyes when used on blogs and text heavy websites.

5. Volkorn and Droid Serif


Size does matter. How about a fat and big serif for a headline? Volkorn is the best font for this. A laid-back old-school header full of confidence – that’s what a header should be! Supported by the Droid Serif, this combination is best for portfolio’s, blogs, and other personal websites that has this little loud, minimalist and classic style.

Conclusion: I realized that these fonts are like us humans (oh that’s cheesy). Simply because they have their own looks, style, and personality. The most important thing is finding the way to find their ‘friends’ and make them go well together. That’s all for now and I’ll try to experiment and discover more great google web font combinations we might use. Your feedback is very welcome!




5 thoughts on “5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013

    […] 5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013 (webdesignersjourney.wordpress.com) […]

    […] 5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013 (webdesignersjourney.wordpress.com) […]

    […] 5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013 (webdesignersjourney.wordpress.com) […]

    […] 5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013 (webdesignersjourney.wordpress.com) […]

    […] 5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013 (webdesignersjourney.wordpress.com) […]

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