How to Design an Effective Contact Page

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As we go through the article, here are the 4 questions that we’ll answer for us to know how to design an effective contact page:

1. What is a contact page?

2. What it’s purpose/goal?

3. Why should we design this page with such process?

4. and How should we design it?


What is a Contact Page?

A contact page is basically where your possible clients will go in order to contact you, ask a quotation, see your phone number, or just say hello on your contact form.

What’s the purpose of this page?

This is like your business card. This is the 1st medium that your visitor will use in order to reach you. The only goal of this page is to make sure your contact details are here. They are readable.

Why you should design an effective contact page?

This is the page where your visitors will use in order to reach you. That’s why we should make sure that this page is functional and effective. So what makes your contact page effective? Of course, we should include all the possible ways your visitor can reach you: fax, phone, mobile number, email, office address, google map, social media links, etc.

How should we design a contact page?

This process is subjective. What we’re doing now is giving you the guidelines but it’s up to the designer to play around. However, here are 6 points that we’ll consider:

1. Personal Welcome Note

A lot of designers neglect this part saying it’s not really necessary. They have a point but the basic function of a contact page is communication. We are actually talking to every visitor. Have this give a polite and personal impression. It’s like giving them a warm greeting. However, if you’re more on very-serious-corporate-snob business, this is not necessary.

2. Google Map

This is a must especially if you’re a corporate business, a retailer, or any organization which a client may pay a visit to do business  with you. Moreover, a google map gives a trust impression that you do really exist.

3. Contact Details

Of course, these are the information that people will want to see. Your only objective is to make sure they can be easily read, selected, or copied. In short, make it text not image. Make sure the font is large enough and readable enough for old people. No fancy useless graphics, pointless diagonal lines, and destructive animation effects. However, adding icons will greatly help.

4. Social Media Icons

We are now in the era where social media is a big part of the internet. Though this is optionalbecause not all business are involved in social networking sites, it’s also important to know that this may also a possible way of reaching to new clients. For example, you have a 50% sale offer on all your products next week. You posted it. It becomes viral. You got a lot of clients. In short, as long as you use it, put it.

5. Contact Form

People hate long forms asking too much personal information when they just wanted to ask if you can clean their carpet during holidays. We should design contact forms where in visitors can reach you with a very minimum input or click. Designers usually just include email & message input forms. Phone & name are just optional. People won’t really be scared to give their email specially when you say “We don’t spam.”

Conclusion: Your main objective in building contact page is to make sure your contact  details are there, readable, and your contact form is working.


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