8 Irresistible Google Font Combinations You Should Try Now 2014

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After few months of freelancing, I’ve compiled the best Google Font combination I’ve used for my projects. Here’s another batch of combinations you might want to try for your site/blog:


Fonts Used:

maven pro black, maven pro, arbutus slab, noto sans, libre baskerville, lato light, lato, titillim black, titillium web, quatrrocento, pt sans, roboto slab, ubuntu light, scada, source sans pro


5 Best Elegant Google Font Combinations

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Here’s a round up of 5 best elegant-looking combinations of Google fonts that look good together. These combinations convey elegance, luxury, classic-feel, and seriousness that is great for high-end jewelry/accessories shop, black & white portfolio sites, and minimalist blogs.


Font Combination Summary:

Playfair Display – Raleway Light
Josefin Sans – Merriweather
Gentium Book Basic – Lato
Adamina – Muli
Lato – Tienne

Best Montserrat Font Combination

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We can see a lot of designers using the flat style to achieve the modern look and feel. One important factor to achieve this is to use a  google font combination that suites the modern look. Montserrat is one of the most popular font choice. However, we need to choose carefully what font that will look good with Montserrat. Although we can refer to google fonts for pairings list, here are my 4 Montserrat Font Combinations:



Font Pairing List:


Montserrat/Open Sans

Montserrat/Merriweather Sans




Montserrat is best used for headers. It’s fat slab-type look is great for headlines, catchy titles, and also looks good even in all caps. It’s best used with thin and rounded sans serif fonts. Above are just my list. Feel free to suggest more!

10 Great Modern Google Font Combinations

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10 Great Modern Google Font Combinations I’ve compiled and feel free to evaluate my definition of modern:

Modern Google Font Combinations
Modern Google Font Combinations

Archivo Black / Arimo – Great for portfolios, landing pages, banners, slideshows, or even document proposals.

Nixie One / Noto Sans – A little feminine font combination that’s great for blogs, food

Bitter / Alegreya – both serif combo that’s also good for young themed blogs or websites

Archivo Narrow / Average Sans – great for corporate and small business websites

Merienda One / Merriweather Sans – good font for food or any organic related websites

Candal / Droid Sans – you can use this for product-related websites

Allan / Mako – great for gadgets websites

Cutive / Alef – good for blogs, articles, and young/modern themed websites

Montserrat Alternates / Muli – mostly used for portfolios

Lobster Two / Imprima – good for young , feminine, flat websites

10 Best Google Font Combinations You Haven’t Tried Yet

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So what do we have here? Another “top-best-professional-ultimate-super-Google-font-combinations-you-must-try-before-your-rabbit-dies“? WELL, HELL YES. The thing is, pairing fonts and make them look good together is hard as moving on from a break up. Damn..

I’ve spent 10 centuries figuring out beautiful Google font combinations so you might want to take a look. So here’s my compilation of modern font combinations and don’t forget to pass it on to your grand-kids:

Best Google Font Combinations

Font pairing summary:

1. Libre Baskerville and Ubuntu – best Serif and Sans serif font pairing. It’s like bacon and eggs. Both font families offers great variation though.
2. Bree Serif and Imprima – This pair conveys young, feminine, and modern look. So if you’re a chick, use this. Great font combination for blogs.
3. Montserrat and Pontano Sans – a great Google font combination with Montserrat. Good for young businesses, web design agency, portfolio, etc.
4. Oswald and Muli – Tall and bold header paired with thin and wide body text. This style is popular for landing pages.
5. Pt Serif and PT Sans – using the same font family will never fail you yet this is a good sample of professional font combo
6. Volkorn and Raleway (Light) – classic yet sexy pair of bold serif and thin body text. A luxury font combination.
7. Roboto Sans and Roboto Sans (Light) – same font family of sans serif gives you the young look to your site
8. Josefin Slab and Maven Pro – a feminine Google font combo. sweet and sexy! Great font for fashion websites.
9. Oxygen and Source Sans Pro – This two is not that popular but look how these two fonts look good together!
10. Paytone One and Droid Sans – a fat slab fancy headline and a flexible body text. Great for food blogs!

Conclusion: I’ve shed enough blood for this so if you have ideas to make them better, I’ll marry you.

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5 More Best Google Web Font Combinations 2013

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Every web font has its own personality. Finding the best font combination is sometimes tricky because we need to understand each font’s characteristics, how they blend to others, and would they look great and be effective on the website. I’m in pursuit to discover more effective combinations so below are 5 more Google web font combinations you might want to use :

1. Open Sans Condensed and Open Sans


I usually use this font combination for business or corporate websites like outsourcing or web design companies, etc.. The tall and thin (open sans condensed) headline conveys the sense of cleanliness and professionalism and using the typical Open sans as your body gives you the versatility for bold and italics.

2. Extrabold Open Sans and Ubuntu


Another open sans header? Yep! Contrary on the previous headline, we’ll gonna use a fat-slab like header which is the Extrabold Open Sans. This now conveys a more powerful and attention-seeking typeface which is best for H1, slideshow captions, and catchy headers. Ubuntu‘s roundness/curve style blends well with this header. Best use for young, modern, metro and minimalist websites.

3. Playfair Display and Droid Sans


Now we’re giving the oh-so-common-serif-sans combination a little twist. That Playfair Display, as the name goes, has this characteristic of being playful serif yet great in headlines. Droid sans goes well with this for it’s neutral-look and it’s versatility of use. I usually use this combination for food, restaurant, book websites that looks professional but conveys a little fun in it.

4. PT Serif and Source Sans Pro


Sticking with the classic combination will always a safe option. Tired of Georgia and Arial duo? You may want to use PT Serif and Source Sans combination which both of them are good to eyes when used on blogs and text heavy websites.

5. Volkorn and Droid Serif


Size does matter. How about a fat and big serif for a headline? Volkorn is the best font for this. A laid-back old-school header full of confidence – that’s what a header should be! Supported by the Droid Serif, this combination is best for portfolio’s, blogs, and other personal websites that has this little loud, minimalist and classic style.

Conclusion: I realized that these fonts are like us humans (oh that’s cheesy). Simply because they have their own looks, style, and personality. The most important thing is finding the way to find their ‘friends’ and make them go well together. That’s all for now and I’ll try to experiment and discover more great google web font combinations we might use. Your feedback is very welcome!



5 Professional-Looking Google Web Font Combinations 2013

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We, as web designers, should focus at finding the best font combinations. Fortunately, Google is there to provide us a very large resource of fonts to use. They say 95% of web design is typography. I say WOW! So I start to do some research on this ‘typography’ and we’re astonished that this is not simple subject matter to learn overnight. Here are 5 of our favorite modern web fonts combinations you can use or enhance!

1. Montserrat and Maven Pro


We usually use this combination for young, vibrant-colored websites and landing pages. The way they blend is just simple yet appealing to eyes. This is a best sample of modern font combination.

2. Arapey and Droid Sans


This combination is best used for blogs, food websites, and might work with feminine type websites.

3. Raleway and Lora


Raleway and Lora’s combination represents a high-class, luxurious figure but maintains it’s modern feel.

4. Fjalla and Muli


Suitable for professional, small business, or even blue-collar service websites. Although it’s simple and common, there’s nothing to lose when sticking with what’s the trend.

5. Bevan and Open Sans


Slabs are powerful font type for delivering your headlines and catchy taglines. Bevan is one of them. Combining it to a common sans-serif, Open Sans, makes it useful in fresh, young, and colorful portfolio sites.

There’s a lot of possible combinations out there. There are no rules. However, we need to follow some guidelines to create a great combination of font. Just don’t forget to enjoy trying out new fonts!

Let me know what you think!